The Lifetime Network aired 'the Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe' over the weekend, just in time for what would have been Marilyn's 89th birthday today, June 1. It was a pretty fascinating peek into her personal life, I must admit. Who knew she was so assertive? Or that her husband, baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, beat her? Not me!

From the fatal overdose at age 36 on August 10, 1962, to who really WAS her birth father - these questions have persisted throughout the years, with no apparent answer in sight. Our friends at MovieFone have dug up some really exceptional tidbits about Marilyn Monroe's life, that you might not have known about. For example, Ms Monroe blamed herself for causing Clark Gable's fatal heart attack on the set of 1961's 'The Misfits'. She also checked into hospitals under the pseudonym of 'Marilyn Miller', which of course, was her married name after she wed playwright Arthur Miller. I was also surprised to find out that Marilyn Monroe's Facebook page has 13 million "likes." But her Twitter feed has just 228,000 followers. Who knew?? Check out more trivia about MM, and happy happy birthday, Ms. Monroe - the world has never forgotten you.

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