Alas, yet another business has fallen to the "curse" that must live at 2424 Ambassador Caffery Parkway in Lafayette. Like the KFC that was once in its place, the Hardee's has closed. I know why the KFC closed, I once witnessed a weave pulling, roll on the floor covered in flour fight through the drive-thru window when "The Colonel" occupied the space.

The Hardee's was different.

The people that worked there were always nice. The food sometimes took a little while to be delivered but it was always hot and good. While the Hardee's crew had their occasional shortcomings they were a lot better than the new Church's Chicken on Congress. That place takes the cake, no wait, they'll make you wait half an hour only to tell you there is no cake.

I don't know much about why the location closed, I can only imagine it was a lack of business. One of the reasons I frequented this location of Hardee's was there was never a line. While that was great for an impatient customer like me, I can bet it wasn't too good for the franchisee's bottom line.

If you're a fan of Hardee's food well don't fret, there are other locations around the area. You could get your Thick Burger on at the East Kaliste Saloom location or the new Carencro location on Hector Connoly Drive.


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