The holidays are stressful. Imagine how stressful they would be for you if you had no idea how you were going to able to get your children anything for Christmas. Not being worried about getting them what they want, but being worried about getting them anything at all, even food. Now, on top on that, imagine how stressful things would be if you had no idea where you and your kids were going to live from day to day. For 755  students in the Lafayette area, this is a sobering reality. The good news is that just by doing a little bit, you can do a lot to help make this Christmas better for these students.

From the Lafayette Parish School Board -

We are currently providing educational services for 755 children experiencing homelessness in the Lafayette Parish area. These children come to us from many different situations: some living in hotels, cars, abandoned buildings, shelters and from doubled-up situations (family lost housing due to eviction, fire, or some other economic hardship). We have students experiencing homelessness at all 43 schools in the Lafayette Parish School System. While we receive federal grant funding to provide all educationally-related services for our students experiencing homelessness, we are unable to provide services to meet the children's basic like food and shelter, as well as for the simple wishes like Christmas gifts. We rely solely on community organizations and agencies for those basic needs and wishes.

OK, here's where you come in. Below is a list of things we're looking to collect for a few of these kids and their parents to help make this a good Christmas. I know first hand how strapped we all are right now, but if you can donate just one of these items, it's going to help so much.

The kids on our list right now are between 4 and 10 years old. Below are the items being asked for, but of course, any items will be greatly appreciated.

Any sports items like footballs, basketballs etc.
Anything Disney
Nerf toys
Board games
Lego toys
Baby dolls
Anything Dora The Explorer
Anything around the movie "Frozen"
Shopkins toys
Bath and body products like lotions, shower gel, shampoo etc
Food coupons and gift certificates

We'll be accepting donations here at 1749 Bertrand dr Monday - Friday, 9am til 4pm until December 18th.


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