Didn't we just get rid of the ice on the roads? It's kind of ironic to be talking about tropical troubles on Groundhog Day but that's what being prepared is all about. The National Hurricane Center has added a new product to it's forecasts and predictions. This additional tool, I think, will ultimately save thousands of lives.

There is an old saying in hurricane country, "hide from the wind, run from the water". For may years forecasters have been accurately predicting wind fields and gusts. Now, the emphasis is on the most deadly part of the storm, the surge.

Beginning with the 2014 season storm surge maps will now be included in hurricane forecast. This will give us, the public, a real life prediction of just how badly our communities could be affected by tidal inundations. If you live in Lafayette and think you are safe from storm surge. Look at the map of predicted storm surge in a Category 5 storm along the Louisiana Central coast.

The past few hurricane seasons haven't been too hard on us in here in Acadiana. I hope the next several are just as calm, regardless it only takes one hurricane to really spoil a Summer. It's never too early to be prepared.

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