Before last night's meeting of the St. Martinville City Council was gaveled into order, Allan Durand, the city's attorney, was reportedly seen wearing a bulletproof vest. When asked why Durand reportedly told gathered media members it was done to "just be careful".

This conveys the seriousness of the situation that is happening between members of the city council and city employees and the husband of St. Martinville Mayor Melinda Mitchell.

At last night's special meeting the board was going to vote on whether or not to file an injunction against Lawrence Mitchell. Which they did. Allan Durand will be the one who has to actually file the injunction.

The motion to file the injunction was passed by a vote of 3-1. Once filed this protective order will restrict Lawrence Mitchell from entering onto any city-owned property. It will also restrict his contact with any St. Martinville city employee with the exception of his wife, the mayor.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been several issues involving Lawrence Mitchell and members of the council and city employees. This injunction should quell any future contact with Mr. Mitchell.

It also serves as notice that legal action will be taken against Mr. Mitchell if he is in violation of what the court decrees. However, based on the previous actions of Mr. Mitchell this might not have that desired effect.

Mayor Melinda Mitchell was not present at last night's meeting.


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