A Sulphur Louisiana man may find that his holiday inspiration has earned him a spot in the record books. Brad Broussard of Sulphur just might be the proud possessor of the largest Christmas Tree in the state of Louisiana.

According to Broussard's Facebook Page, the cypress tree has been adorned with several hundred dollars worth of lights and he wants everyone to come by and take a look. And, people have been doing just that at Broussard's residence located at  231 Earth St in the town of Sulphur.

In a story from KPLC Television, Broussard suggested that the Christmas Tree idea just kind of happened when noticed the cypress tree looked more like a traditional holiday tree than a normal cypress.

A website, WallStreet24/7 listed the tallest Christmas Tree in Louisiana at 40 feet. That's an artificial tree that's on display in Shreveport.  If that information is accurate then Broussard's tree which measures in at about 46 feet would eclipse that record by 6 feet. Of course, Broussard's tree is alive and well and not made of plastic.

Broussard said he hopes this tree will inspire someone else to go even bigger. After all, he says he didn't do this to set a record. He did this because he hopes it will bring happiness and joy to those who see his tree this holiday season.

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