DALLAS, Texas (KPEL News) - For a lot of Americans, air travel is a part of life. You can spend a lot of time in the air, and a lot of time at various airports across the country. You learn the ins and outs of each one, and you develop favorites if you travel enough.

But a survey of airports around the globe has put two major nearby hubs on the list of the best of the best, and if you've been to either of them, you won't be too surprised.

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Cabin Crew HQ has named Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) Airport and George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) in the 35 Best Airports in the World, citing low numbers of delays, cheaper parking and drop-off costs, and food and shopping options.

DFW was named No. 5 among the best airports overall, with IAH right behind it at No. 6. According to the survey, Dallas sees upwards of 70 million passengers a year, while Houston sees almost 41 million. What's more, both offer a ton of shops and eating options.

IAH also ranks in the Top 10 airports on the list with the fewest delays.

Credit: Cabin Crew HQ website
Credit: Cabin Crew HQ website

And DFW ranks in the Top 5 airports on the list for being the busiest.

Credit: Cabin Crew HQ website
Credit: Cabin Crew HQ website

Both rank very well when it comes to flights being on time. 75 percent of flights leaving DFW are on time. Just over 78 percent leave IAH on time, as well.

Both airports are frequently used as hubs for longer air travel, and plenty of Louisiana tavelers have had stops and layovers there. While Louisiana has several airports, including here in Lafayette, both DFW and IAH are large enough to be hubs connecting passengers to their final destinations.

About Cabin Crew HQ

The site hosting the study, Cabin Crew HQ, is a website "dedicated to providing aspiring cabin crew members with all the information they need to pursue their dream career," according to its About Us page. It frequently offers air travel-related news and travel advice.

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