It's been 15 years since Jared Fogle began losing weight by eating Subway twice a day. And according to reports, he's worth about a million for each of those 15 years. Yep, Jared's net worth is $15 million.

Not bad for never having a real job in his life!

You may recall that while a student at Indiana University, Jared went from 425 pounds to 190 pounds in one year by eating Subway. He wrote to Men's Health about his transformation, Subway saw it and hired him immediately.

Since then he's been their spokesman and all-around poster boy. He even has a card that gets him free Subway anywhere and a contract where Subway flies him first class all over the world for appearances and talks.

The money Jared makes may seem a lot to us regular folks, but to Subway he is a bargain. Just consider that 15 years ago the company's sales were $3 billion. Today the company is raking in about $11.5 billion a year.


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