Keith Urban wrapped up his 2018 Graffiti U Tour over the weekend with stops in Little Rock, New Orleans, and Dallas.

As you can imagine, there were quite a few folks from Acadiana that made the Friday night show at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans. And as always, Keith did not disappoint those fans.

For a solid two and a half hours, he shredded every guitar he put in his hands and delivered #1 hit after #1 hit.

But early in the show, there was a moment that caught my attention.

As with a lot of concerts these days, many fans will make signs to get the attention of the artist. Keith played along and tried reading aloud as many signs as he could. He eventually got down to a lady near the stage who made something that obviously stood out enough, because Keith called her up on stage.

The fan's name was Jessica and she was from Ponchatoula. After a couple of minutes of chit chat, her neighbor and daughter (who she went to the concert with) were called up on stage.

It turned out to be her neighbor's birthday. Keith proceeded to serenade her by singing "Happy Birthday".

Shortly after that Jessica asked Keith for a wee little favor. Her sister from Lafayette couldn't make the show, even though she had seen Keith some 100+ times over the years!

"My sister is like your biggest fan in the world..." Jessica said to Keith. "Could you say hello Melissa?"

And of course, he did.

Keith Urban, you rock brother!

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