If you've ever been to a Mardi Gras ball in Lafayette, you know that they can be quite extravagant. From the gowns to the costumes to the decorations and even table centerpieces, a lot of time and money go into getting a venue ready for a ball.

Over the weekend, the Krewe of Rio held its annual Mardi Gras Ball at the Cajundome Convention Center, and I hear that it was quite a hoot! Judging from some of the photos I came across that were posted on social media, it seems that it went without a hitch.

Well, maybe one small hitch: someone might have left with what they thought was a decoration that was "for the taking".

Steve Havenar posted a photo on Facebook of the cutest kid sporting a beautiful headdress. That headdress is the "centerpiece" that his friends are searching for.

The post is simple and to the point: they want the decoration back.

"This headpiece was the table centerpiece of a good friend of mine at the RIO Ball Saturday night" the post begins, accompanied by the photo of the headdress atop the cute kid.

If you saw it, have it, or know where it is please contact me!


Havenar then goes on to issue a call for its return: "If you saw it, have it, or know where it is please contact me!" he says. Obviously, the piece belongs to his friend, and it's the daughter's headdress for an event.

It was her daughter's headpiece for a very special occasion!!  Please help!!

I know that there were a lot of people at that ball. A lot of good people.

Jeanie Simon-Domingue had the idea of checking with the Cajundome

via Facebook
via Facebook

Kristy is like me and is hoping that the person took the piece home as a memento of the evening, not realizing that the centerpiece was not for the taking.

via Facebook
via Facebook

If you have friends who were at the ball, please share this story with them in hopes of getting the headdress back into the hands of its rightful owner(s).

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