In Waco Texas this afternoon and evening they will play baseball. Not the made for TV, overpriced spoiled rich boy baseball you see in the Major Leagues, but baseball the way it was meant to be played.  This baseball is played by young men who are teetering ever so close to the razor thin line between childhood and what comes next. Tonight in Waco the Little League team from Lafayette, the Louisiana State Champions, will take to a scorching hot field and play baseball, not for money, not for fame but simply for the love of the game.

A dream season of hardwork, sweat, practice and probably a few tears will continue as they march toward the ultimate prize in Williamsport Pennsylvania. I am proud to say that our family of stations here at TownSquare Media will provide the hometown fans coverage of the game against West Texas tonight at 6pm on SportsRadio ESPN 1420. James P. Bitterman will provide the play by play story and my new heroes from Lafayette Little League will write it one inning at a time.

Baseball is not my favorite sport but tonight and this weekend it will be. I will cheer for the victory tonight. I will pray for the safety of the players and the parents and families that have traveled to Waco to show support. I will in my mind be 12 years old too. I will feel the butterflies in my stomach, I will believe in dreams and join that special group of guys on the field in wishing the final out would never come. Just so we could keep playing baseball forever in the endless Summer of childhood.