A local man recently found an envelope tucked away at a Lafayette grocery store that reads "OPEN ME!". After opening it, he's left with more questions than answers as to what it is exactly and he's asking your help to help him figure out what it all means.

Lafayette Open Me Card
Facebook Courtesy of Brendon Delahoussaye

Mystery "Open Me!" Card Found At Lafayette Store

About a week ago while working at Whole Foods in Lafayette, Brendon Delahoussaye noticed something a little odd in the produce department.

What Delahoussaye noticed was an envelope tucked behind the store's banana display.

The bright green envelope contained a card, and written on the front of the envelope were the words "OPEN ME!".

Certainly, you've seen countless videos on YouTube and TikTok of people shocking complete strangers by giving them money.

Delahoussaye was hoping this was going to be one of those situations and that the envelope he found contained $10,000 in cash courtesy of Mr. Beast.

To be honest, we would have been thinking the same thing.

Unfortunately, when he opened the envelope he didn't find $10,000, or any money at all.

What he found is something he can't figure out, but he's hoping you can help solve the mystery.

Lafayette Envelope Mystery
Facebook Courtesy of Brendon Delahoussaye

The card inside the envelope read -



You just won a free ride and 25% off retail!

Come to the studio to claim your free reward!"


Card Found In Lafayette Store
Facebook Courtesy of Brendon Delahoussaye


Our first thought was that this is some kind of in-store surprise for employees of Whole Foods, but Delahoussaye knows nothing of anything like that.

The "Come to the studio to claim your reward" isn't anything that makes any sense in relation to Whole Foods.

Also, the "You just won a free ride" is a bit confusing.

A free ride to where?

This is what we and Brendon Delahoussaye would like to know.

Have you seen or found anything like this at Whole Foods or any other store around Acadiana?

If so, please let us know what it's all about!

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