The term cold front seems very misleading when you're talking about a high temperature that reaches into the lower 90's but that's what we've got and most of us will take it. A frontal system pushed through the area yesterday and while the temperatures didn't fall off the table like they do with winter cold fronts, most of us will appreciate the change in climate.

Summer cold fronts actually pushing through the state and into the Gulf of Mexico are very rare. However, the past six weeks we have seen four major fronts move through the area and that has people smiling.

The reason for those smiles is lower humidity. The heat doesn't seem quite as bad when the humidity isn't making the air so thick you can hardly breathe. All good things must come to an end and it looks as if this bit of drier air will only be able to sustain itself over the Bayou State through Friday.

By Saturday you can expect a return of high temperatures and increasing humidity. You can't rule out a passing shower either. In the meantime, let's look at this as a back to school gift. Maybe this is a sign that cooler fall temperatures aren't going to be two months a way like they usually are.

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