I think when Santa travels into Acadiana Wednesday night weather will not be an obstacle for the jolly old elf. Mother Nature must have conferred with Rudolph to make sure the ride in to see all the good little boys and girls of South Louisiana would be a smooth one.

It's a good thing Christmas isn't coming a day early. That was the case Santa might have to fasten his seat belt because the threat of turbulence aloft would be fairly high. Here's what is shaping up weather wise for the next several days.

Monday, should be very similar to what we experienced on Sunday. For the most part skies will stay cloudy but the winds will swing around to the south. This means more moisture will be pumped into the area and the afternoon temperatures will approach 70 degrees.

This moisture will lend to the instability in the atmosphere as cold front approaches from the west on Tuesday. This front should provide enough lift to kick up some showers and thunderstorms during the day Tuesday and into Tuesday evening. Right now forecasters are thinking the strongest threat for severe weather will be more toward New Orleans and the Florida Panhandle.

Wednesday morning there might still be a lingering shower but the air will be noticeably cooler and drier.  The high temperature on Wednesday is expected to be in the middle 50's, almost 20 degrees colder than Tuesday's temperatures.

The outlook for Christmas eve is clear skies, lots of stars and Christmas like temperatures. For those fortunate enough to get new toys to play with outside, Christmas day should be sunny and cool. The high on Christmas is expected to be about 60 degrees.


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