Governor John Bel Edwards signed a new bill into law that states Louisiana restaurants must disclose to customers if the crawfish and shrimp they're ordering is foreign or domestic.

According to WAFB, House Bill 335 was signed into law Wednesday (06/19/19) fittingly at The Shack, a seafood restaurant in Houma.

The new law requires Louisiana restaurants to provide the information on their menus or to have it posted somewhere in their business.

This is something Louisiana fishermen in the shrimp and crawfish industries have been trying to make happen for quite some time. Yesterday, they finally got it.

Why is it important for people to know where the seafood they're buying comes from?

The owner of The Shack, Douglas Davis tells -

"I think the benefit of letting your customer know is local benefits. They know their product is from here and it’s a fresh product, it’s a safe product, that’s the main thing, no antibiotics and stuff like that.”

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