An approaching storm system is expected to bring strong storms and the potential for heavy rains to much of the Mississippi Valley over the next couple of days. The Storm Prediction Center has placed a large portion of the Lower Mississippi Valley on alert for the threat of severe weather on Wednesday.

Much of Louisiana will be under a marginal threat for severe storms tomorrow. The extreme northern portions of the state will have a risk factor that is slightly elevated from the rest of the state.

KATC TV's Futurecast Product is suggesting that Acadiana will most likely experience its heaviest weather in the late evening hours of Wednesday. With the system moving through the area during the day on Thursday.

Once the system exits the area late Thursday we can expect an end to the very muggy and bad hair day conditions we've experienced for the past several days. Temperatures will fall below the seasonal norms for this time of year.

HIgh temperatures on Thursday could reach into the lower 80-degree range. The forecast high for Friday will be 15 to 20 degrees cooler than that. The outlook for Patty in the Parc in Downtown Lafayette on Saturday is going to be good. Skies should be partly cloudy but temperatures will be cool. It's a good thing the musical lineup will keep us moving most of the evening.


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