If you've ever gotten a gift from your employer at Christmas that had you scratching your head, then this is for you. Now, some companies give massive bonuses, lavish parties, and expensive thank you presents to their valued employees during the holidays. And some don't. And nothing quite says how much your work is appreciated like a bottle of BBQ sauce, right? Well, one man in Canada thought that token of appreciation was mortifying, and he said so on social media.

27 year old Hussien Mehaidli, who worked for construction wholesale company Fastenal, wrote a series of tweets trashing his employers for the stingy gift, and he claims he got fired for it. The now deleted tweets suggest that the US branch of the company got better holiday gifts than the Canadians, and that was part of his frustration. He went on to tell CTV News ''I work really hard. We get pushed really hard to reach our sales goals, I felt I gave this company so much and I felt really disrespected when I was given barbecue sauce as a holiday gift.". About two weeks later he was let go for violating the company's 'standards of conduct policy', and he is convinced that the angry tweets were the reason why. BTW, the company that makes the BBQ Sauce, Get Sauced & Spiced Inc., posted on Facebook that they had absolutely nothing to do with the whole situation. See below.

Moral of the story :Watch what you put on social media, because it can and will come back to bite you.



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