Luke Bryan is bringing his Raised Up Right tour to the Cajundome Friday night and his good friend Mitchell Tenpenny is joining him for the fun.

If you didn't know, Mitchell is basically a big goofball and loves having a good time. What's even better is that he loves having a good time with his fiancé, Meghan Patrick.

Meghan posted a birthday video on TikTok not long ago in honor of Mitchell's birthday, and it screams couple goals.

Y'all better watch out! We knew the man could sing, but those dance moves are a whole other story. Seriously though, are they not the cutest couple?

What makes their relationship that much better is the story of how it all started. You probably can't get any better than getting to start your story off with, "So I was sitting in a deer stand..."

And just because a girl moment is much needed when it comes to topics like this, have you seen her ring?!

If you're wondering what the song is that Meghan used in her videos, it is one of her newest singles that she release not long after Mitchell popped the question at the beginning of 2022.

Ladies, make sure you grab a few tissues.

We can't wait to see Mitchell Tenpenny take the stage Friday night when he opens up for Luke Bryan. Make sure you know all the words to his latest #1 hit (with Chris Young of course), "At The End of a Bar."

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