Low fat muffins and "guilt free" Frappuccinos for breakfast, a Subway sandwich for lunch, you'd think that's eating pretty healthy right? Especially since they put the calorie count right there on the label. What could be wrong?

How about the amount of calories these items claim to have in them? Many products and companies under estimate the amount of caloric intake you will be subject to by eating their products. Why would they do this?

A lot of dieters (women) look at the calorie count before they look at what the food actually is. I did  my own survey of women diners at Chik-Fil-A and ask them why they are always blocking Ambassador Caffery at lunch time to get into the place. The overwhelming response, Chik-Fil-A is healthy. Healthy compared to what? Healthy is a relative term.

Aren't companies required to be truthful when posting calorie claims. I would say yes. Are they always truthful? I can't answer to that , I will say at the very least they are inaccurate in their information in many cases.

Here is video proof of publicized calorie counts versus actual calorie counts in some well known and popular products. Those unaccounted for calories could be one of the reasons that your last diet didn't yield the results you were looking for.

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