We are all guilty to trying some dumb diets...and yep, most of them don't work for us!  Maybe the diet is on this list of ridiculous diets of the year...I'll give you a little hint (if your diet includes TWINKIES) it's probably not going to work.  Just a little help from the whippersnapper!  Go ahead see if your diet is part of the non-sense list.

At DietsInReview.com we have more than 1500 diet reviews published by our team, and we publish new ones every day, of every week. That's not said to be a plug, but to show you just how many ways there are to lose weight. At the end of the day, it still comes down to calories

(via The Most Ridiculous, Absurd and Over-Hyped Diets of 2010 - Healthy Living on Shine.)