Today is March 21. It is a day to celebrate some very special things. Among those things are two of my favorite things to eat in the whole wide world, French Bread and Corn Dogs.

If you can't get happy about either of those two things then my friend you are just not trying. Do you know why today was singled out to celebrate those two particular food items? Let's do a little snooping and see what we can find.

French Bread Day. Besides bacon, there may be no more tantalizing smell than the aroma of French Bread fresh from the oven. The grocery stores have figured out that the smell of fresh baked bread strategically placed by the checkout lines will force consumers to buy double handfuls of these crunchy, chewy, gifts from above.

Bakers have been creating these sumptuous loaves for centuries but the French Bread that we know and love didn't really start to capture the hearts, minds, and stomachs of people until 1920. That's when the French Government passed a law saying that no one would be allowed to work before 4am. The quick thinking bakers of Paris devised the quick baking baguette so that hungry workers might have fresh bread for breakfast.

Corn Dog Day. The corn dog as we know it came into being at the State Fair of Texas. There are other places that claim to be the original but they are not from Texas, therefore they are wrong. It was a hot dog on a stick dunked in a corn meal batter and deep fried quick for a delicious portable treat. I personally like to slather my corn dog with mustard and have been known to eat half a dozen in one sitting, or one trip to the fair.

The success of the corn dog led to an entire food industry being born. Just think how many items  you can now enjoy "on a stick". Without the corn dog that wouldn't have happened. So today as you walk through this world or sit like a log in front of college basketball games why don't you pay homage to one of the truly good things in life, the corn dog.

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