East Baton Rouge Parish School Board member Connie Bernard has some explaining to do.

Bernard previously denied that she was online shopping during a crucial June 18 meeting after being called out by community activist Gary Chambers in a video that went viral. When pressed on the clip that was recorded by Chambers, Bernard insisted that what people saw in the video was actually a "pop up" ad that she couldn't close.

WAFB managed to obtain the internet search history from Bernard's browser via a public records request and as it would turn out, Bernard was indeed shopping for women's discount clothing from thredUP—"an online consignment and thrift store"—and even added at least one item to her cart.


Records show Bernard began shopping around 8:30 p.m and continued to shop as the board began discussing the renaming of Lee High, a school named after Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The Advocate did a subsequent deep dive into the timeline of her shopping as it related to the timing of what was being discussed that evening.

Bernard first goes to the site a little before 8:30 p.m for a period of time. She’s back on the site at 9:10 p.m., just before the Lee High renaming starts. The thredUP url continues to show up in her browser for 35 more minutes, during a period when several board members are discussing the issue, but before public comment begins. At one point, the history shows Bernard adding an item to her shopping cart.

Bernard was already under fire for comments she made that suggested that some members of the public should do more "research" before supporting a name change of Lee High.

There have been numerous calls for Bernard to resign but she remains steadfast in her refusal to step down.

Do you think this new revelation is the final straw? Should she resign?

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