Oyster dressing, it's just not Thanksgiving at many South Louisiana homes with out it. The good news is there should be no problems finding your favorite mollusk for your favorite dressing.  Since the BP disaster in the Gulf there have been questions about the regions ability to supply an always hungry appetite for oysters. The short answer is yes, the supply is good and the quality is outstanding.

Oysters are great.  We wish we had more product.  It's not the supply we're used to, but due to the lack of demand from the east coast, we're okay.

Sal Sunseri Co-Owner of P&J Oyster House in New Orleans made that observation and shared it with the Louisiana Radio Network. Sunseri believes that oyster production increases in Maryland have lessened the demand for oysters from the Gulf. That means there are plenty to go around.

If you didn't grow up with oyster dressing on your holiday table chances are you're not originally from around here.

That's part of the family tradition here in the south and especially in southern Louisiana.  It's just natural.  It's who we are as a people. It brings families together and it's just that incredible food item that's on your Thanksgiving table during a very special time.

Does your family do an oyster dressing for Thanksgiving? Goodness knows there are about as many versions of oyster dressing as there are families. If you've got a recipe you'd like to share we'd love to hear from you.

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