Police in Breaux Bridge were called to a reported shooting at the local Walmart store last night at about 8 pm. When they arrived on the scene they discovered one person with a gunshot wound. They also were able to detain a person of interest in the case.

According to reports the victim, a woman, was taken to a local hospital for treatment of her wounds. Although no specific details were offered by authorities at the scene it is believed the woman required emergency surgery in order to stabilize her condition. Although it is unclear at this time exactly what the victim's medical condition happens to be.

Breaux Bridge police did detain a person of interest, reportedly another female. It is still unclear whether the incident took place in the parking lot or in a parked car in the parking lot. It is also unclear what the relationship between the shooter and the victim happens to be.

Police have described the case as "developing". As of late last night, detectives were still on the scene gathering information and talking to witnesses. You can expect more details on the case to be released either later this morning or sometime later this week.

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