Costco Wholesale has simultaneously made customers shout with joy, and cry tears of frustration, all within a couple of weeks. The retail giant announced late last month that their wildly popular half sheet cakes would no longer be sold in the stores, or online. Some posts on their official Facebook page suggested that customers contact the corporate office to let them know how unhappy they were about the decision. The company responded by saying "To help limit personal contact and create more space for social distancing, Costco has reduced service in some departments".

In another, more positive move, Costco is bringing back their legendary free samples in stores, but with a few changes. The samples have come back to about 30 of the warehouse's 548 US locations. (And FYI, I was at the Lafayette store this morning, and did not see any out). The samples will be pre packaged, and behind a plexiglass shield from now on. According to Club Demonstration Services, the company who has provided the sampling for Costco, the samples are now out in 16 states as part of Phase One of their return. The samples were discontinued in early March due to the spread of coronavirus nationwide.



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