restlessglobetrotter, Getty Images
restlessglobetrotter, Getty Images

The penny. For generations of us who are of a certain age, a penny was real money. It meant a piece of candy or bubble gum at the check out line in the grocery store. A penny made a nice clinking sound when you dropped it in your piggy bank. Finding a penny meant good luck because all of the sudden you were rich! Those were the days. These days, the penny is almost more of a nuisance than it is money.

There are some people that hoard pennies just for their copper value. The pennies need to have been minted before a certain year to insure they contain enough copper to make melting them down worth the trouble.How much would your pennies be worth? By the way, it is against the law to melt down pennies, at least as of now it is, that might change.

I personally wouldn't mind seeing the one cent coin go away. I have a drawer full of pennies in my desk that I don't exactly know what to do with. Bank tellers look at you funny when you show up with rolls of pennies to turn into real money. You also need to have your bank account number written on each roll too. If I wanted to feel that untrusted I would run for congress.

President Obama has gone on record as saying he thinks retiring the penny might be a good idea, at least an idea that should be looked into. What say you on this issue? Do you still save pennies? Do you even use pennies?

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