Ceedy Duce has been living rent-free in the heads of opposing players all season long.

The New Orleans defensive back is known for his relentless energy on the field and he is, by far, the most hated Saints player by opposing teams. Gardner-Johnson is one of the team's top tacklers and you can almost guarantee that after every play he is jawing with whoever is on the other side of the ball.

One of the more notable moments was this exchange with Bears WR Javon Wims back in Week 8 of the regular season.

Sometimes he even gets into the heads of his own teammates as we saw that whole Michael Thomas debacle that resulted in a one-game suspension for the Saints WR earlier this season after he reportedly punched Gardner-Johnson after exchanging words at practice.

Gardner-Johnson was at it again with the Bears on Sunday, but surely, the Bears learned their lesson from the first meeting, right?

It's something that Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy said they specifically took time out to focus on in the week heading into their Wild Card weekend.

Unfortunately, that time wasn't enough because Anthony Miller couldn't help himself and took a swing at CJ Gardner-Johnson, ultimately leading to his ejection from the playoff game.

The Saints will be facing Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the next round of the playoffs and based on this video from Week 1, CJ has been living rent-free in Brady's head all season long.

Your ears aren't deceiving you. That is the professional veteran future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady spewing the NSFW message:

F*** you, twenty-two. B****! F*** you!

When asked about what he's saying to get into the heads of these opposing players, Gardner-Johnson chooses to remain silent.

Even his teammates remain mum when it comes to what he's saying as Sheldon Rankins states he's just glad that Garder-Johnson is "on his team."

Malcolm Jenkins may have offered the best example of what CJ Gardner-Johnson may be telling these players.

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians let the media know that he was indeed prepared for the infamous jawing from CJ Gardner-Johnson as we look ahead to Sunday's huge playoff game between the Saints and the Buccaneers.

We'll never know what motivates Ceedy Duce to be such an antagonizer, but as long as it's working for us and not against us, I'm all for it.

Hell, maybe its the fact that he's got a chip on his shoulder for 31 other NFL teams that passed on him.

What is Ceedy saying to these players to get them to react this way? Take your best guess and drop it in the comments because your guess is just as good as mine.

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