Firefighters in the city of Abbeville have had a busy couple of days. Tuesday night firefighters were called to a business on Highway 14 to extinguish a vehicle fire at a gas station. Last night fire crews were once again summed into duty to put out a blaze at a business on Rodeo Road. 

Officials believe a storefront sign for the Smoke and Mirrors Vape Shop must have malfunctioned and caught fire. At least that is the preliminary speculation. A witness reported seeing sparks coming from the sign as the fire was breaking out.  A more complete investigation is underway and fire officials will no doubt confirm that suspicion when all the evidence has been collected.

The good news is that the blaze appears to have been very small and damage appears to be minimal. Rodeo Road was closed for a short time while first responders battled the blaze but the roadway reopened shortly after the fire was extinguished. There were no injuries reported.

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