The new school year is quickly approaching and it is about time to go school supply shopping. Like most people, I really enjoy school supply shopping because I get to pick out whatever color notebooks, pens, pencils and binders that I want. We do not have much of a choice when it comes to what we're suppose to study or when our test day is, but we can decide what color notebooks we want to use.

Here are the top five school supplies I think everyone buys each year:



1.) Bic Mechanical pencils- probably the greatest pencils, ever.








2.) Pilot G-2 Pen- the best pen in the whole world with all sorts of colors!










3.) Sharpie Highlighter- everyone needs a highlighter for those important keywords and notes.. enough said.







4.) Binders- any kind, as long as it is durable. Binders come in handy when it comes to loads of worksheets and loose leaf papers.








5.) 5 subject notebook- instead of buying several notebooks, save your money and always buy the 5 subject notebook. It'll last an entire semester for sure.






I hope everyone has as much fun school supply shopping as I do. Be sure to support your local school supply stores such as J & R Educational Supplies here in Lafayette! Target, Office Depot and Office Max are always sufficient stores to buy school supplies, as well. Everyone have a great and productive Fall 2012 school year!