Keeping your cereal crunchy in milk. That is a problem that is certainly more pressing than the national debt, the new farm bill, the government shutdown and who will win The Voice this  year. I never knew that soggy cereal was the reason our kids were not doing well in school!

According to the makers of this amazing new product, The Crunch Bowl, the dream of crunchy cereal can be attained! We all know that pouring milk on cereal  just ruins the whole meal. Who wants to eat soggy cereal? To be honest I do. I love soggy Raisin Bran and Lucky Charms taste better when the oat things become soft like paste. I challenge anyone alive to use their own teeth to eat Grape Nuts without milk. You'll be calling Dr. Theriot for an appointment if you do.

The Crunch Bowl is basically a plastic bowl that comes with a detachable shelf. You pour the milk in the bowl and place the shelf on top. There is just enough of an opening to slide a small amount of cereal into a small reservoir of milk. Allowing the diner the ability to eat crunchy milk coated cereal a spoonful at a time. Thank you Baby Jesus!, we can now live our lives to the fullest and the crunchiest. Never more will soggy cereal pass these lips until we lose the little shelf part of the bowl or the dishwasher melts it.

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