Have you ever been a work environment where a member of your bosses family stops in at the job and just really makes life a little harder for everyone involved? A scenario that could qualify as similar to that will be discussed at a special meeting planned tonight for the St. Martinville City Council.

The Council is expected to address the issue of an injunction against Mayor Melinda Mitchell's husband Lawrence. If approved, the St. Martinville City Attorney could be directed to take legal steps that would prevent Lawrence Mitchell from entering any city property. The injunction might also prevent Mitchell from approaching any city employee other than his wife.

There have been multiple incidents involving Lawrence Mitchell and members of the St. Martinville City Council and Police force. According to a story from KATC in one of those incidents the Mayor's husband shouted expletives at a member of the St. Martinville Police Department and attempted to use his wife's position to intimidate the officer.

Just days after that incident Lawrence Mitchell was again booked into jail for allegedly violating a protective order filed against him by a member of the St. Martinville City Council.

The council's special meeting is scheduled to being at 6:00 this evening.


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