Tenuous, that's probably the best way to describe the relationship between members of the St. Martinville City Council and Mayor Melinda Mitchell. At last night's meeting of the City Council, there was more evidence of a strained relationship between the two.

Members of the Council are seeking answers from the Mayor on her utility bill or to be more exact, the non-payment of her utility bills. Two members of the Council say that Mayor Mitchell is in violation of state law by being delinquent in her utility bill payments.

Meanwhile, Mayor Mitchell is suggesting that she is not being properly respected by the Council.  Perhaps the fact that the Council opted to deny funding for a proposed trip the Mayor was planning to take to San Antonio for a conference had something to do with the Mayor's feelings of disrespect.

The Council also denied the Mayor's request to have a monitor to view surveillance cameras from the St. Martinville Police Department. However, the Council did approve a request by the Mayor to have access to cameras in the Public Works barns.

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