I guess it's a case of pick your poison. Do you want to deal with oppressive heat and humidity or do you want thunder, lightning, gusty winds, and a flash flood threat? Actually, you're going to get both whether you like it or not.

Today's forecast for all of South Louisiana is calling for another day of extreme heat. A heat advisory is posted again for the area for afternoon high temperatures that should reach into the middle 90-degree range and heat indices that will exceed 103 degrees during the afternoon hours.

By Wednesday an increase in clouds and an approaching frontal system should bring enough instability into the atmosphere to create numerous showers and thunderstorms. According to the Storm Prediction Center, most of Acadiana will be under a "marginal threat" for severe weather.

That means storms near severe limits are possible. Many of these storms will produce the effects we noted earlier. Probably the most concerning of those effects will be the potential for isolated tropical downpours that could soak a small area with a large amount of rainfall over a short period of time.

The good news is the chance of rain and increased cloud cover should keep our temperatures in the normal range for this time of year. Yes, it will still be hot but it won't be the hellish nightmare that we've experienced for most of the last seven days.

At least the tropics aren't active. But that might change the closer we get to Labor Day Weekend. 

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