I do have compassion for those affected by situations beyond their control. To me there are very few things that are more sad than seeing a family huddled together looking at the remains of their home after a tornado. I literally get choked up trying to talk about lives and property that are lost in floods. I do wonder why bad things have to happen to good people.

Then I see the stories of the people who drove past the high water signs into a flooded roadway only to call others into harms way to come rescue their stupid selfish butts. My God, how self-centered can you be to take a chance that not only endangers your  life but possible the lives of others?

We see those rescues play out  on live TV as a brigade of emergency personnel lash themselves together to wade out to the idiot at large. I have often wondered if the motorist was ever charged with a crime or forced to pay a bill. In at least one state, Arizona, they do have to pay for services rendered.

This law is called The Stupid Motorist Law. I think it's brilliant. I want one for Louisiana. I personally think if you're dumb enough to drive around the signs, the cones, the marked patrol units, or the train barricade you have earned whatever punishment the universe chooses to inflict. If you're fortunate enough to not be dead and can call for help then I think you owe somebody your life and all the money it took to put your rescue together.

Alas, this kind of legislation would never become law in Louisiana. It would take sensible people in the legislature and goodness knows there wouldn't be enough votes to pass such a law. So we will go on squandering our tax dollars to save the stupid. Why can't we just thin the gene pool a little? I know I am heartless, mean, cruel, and right.

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