Yesterday, we brought you the story about Texas Roadhouse in Lafayette remaining open after seven employees tested positive for COVID-19.

That status has changed as management decided to temporarily close the restaurant yesterday afternoon.

A spokesperson with Texas Roadhouse told KATC that the restaurant voluntarily closed to perform a fog sanitation and deep clean of the restaurant.

"We are going to voluntarily close today, and do a deep clean of the restaurant," said Travis Doster, director of public relations at Texas Roadhouse. "We closed to give everyone peace of mind. It was our call to close and reassess and make sure that we don't have any more cases."

Doster went on to say that employees are required to take a symptom survey and temperature check before they start their shift. And if they have been around anyone with COVID-19, then they are excused from work.

"As things open back up, we are cautioning employees to take precautions," Doster said. "We believe our systems are working and nobody is working sick."

Doster said that employees scheduled to work on Monday would still be paid.

It is not known yet when the restaurant will re-open.

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