To hear my male friends tell it, a trip to an IKEA store is like a journey to a well organized section of hell. Furniture shopping is not something in which we men excel. It's probably because our furniture requirements are totally different than the requirements the female of the species places on furniture.

Leave it to the innovative people IKEA to come up with the perfect addition to your shopping trip. Alright, it's a joke. IKEA stores don't have a break-up room but they do need to add a cooling off area.

The fights couples get into while shopping for home furnishings can be some of the nastiest of a relationship. Why is furniture buying so hard? It isn't really you just need to understand what the man and the woman are looking for. The man wants comfort and usefulness. Will the chair hold his fat butt for a seven hour stretch on an NFL Sunday? The lady wants the furniture to look good to people who will never sit on it. We have a couch in  our house that is absolutely beautiful and also so darn uncomfortable even the dog won't sleep on it.

It's the light versus the dark, the yin against the yang, the Venus versus the Mars and that's why buying furniture from any store is commitment not to be entered into lightly. Perhaps instead of talking to a clergyman before a couple gets married they should go shop for a sofa. If the relationship can survive that then they are set for a long and happy marriage.

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