If you are looking for a "Christmas Miracle", then this certainly qualifies in 2020. Stargazers across the world are rejoicing in an event that hasn't actually occurred in 800 years. You'll have to go back to the year 1226 for the last time the world was able to observe a "Christmas Star" with the naked eye.

According to newssky.com "The solar system's two largest planets will appear to merge, creating a bright point in the sky on December 21." Jupiter and Saturn will merge, or appear to, and create this Great Conjunction. The two planets will only be 0.1 degree apart, which means that telescopes will be able to pick up both planets within the same view. This situation was last observed in 1623, but astronomers are confident that conditions were not favorable enough for the average everyday person to see the spectacular event in the skies above.

The next chance to view this unbelievable occurrence will be in 2080, and astronomers are naming this year's event as the "Great Conjunction of 2020". Coincidentally (or not), the Christmas Star will appear on the same night as the beginning of the winter solstice, and the longest night of the year, December 21. Stargazers are being advised to look towards the southwestern skies, and hope that weather conditions are favorable enough to see the spectacular event.



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