Whether you eat fast food or not, you've probably heard how amazing the french fries are at McDonald's restaurants. They. Are. So. Good. But I digress. According to the folks at Taste of Home, there is a small trick to get the freshest, right out of the fryer, into your mouth fries every single time. All you have to do is request them with no salt or seasoning, and they will make a fresh batch on the spot. Just for you. And as a matter of fact, according to a user of Reddit, you can do that with any menu item, and it will come to you hot off the grill.

No sitting around under a heat lamp. No wondering how long ago your food was made. Just fresh, hot fries. Voila! Will this take extra time? Yes, about 5 minutes, but go ahead and admit it, It'll be worth it.

You're welcome.

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