None of us like going to the doctor, or to the hospital, or to the emergency room, because when that happens something has usually gone wrong. It is in our times of need, when we are at our worst, Acadiana's nurses are at their best. Despite the fact that we are yelling, complaining, impatient, rude, and hard to deal with these dedicated professionals still work for our good. Today is a day to recognize that commitment and excellence.

Today is International Nurses Day. It was decided that May 12th would be the day to celebrate the service and professionalism of nurses around the world on this day because it is the birthday of Florence Nightingale. Nightingale is considered by many to be the founder of modern nurses.

Here in Acadiana we have many reasons to celebrate the people and the profession of nursing. We have an incredible system of hospitals in our area. These hospitals are staffed by the finest medical professionals in the world. We also have one of the most respected and revered nursing programs at the University of Louisiana. This program has been educating and training incredible professionals for decades.

While the nursing profession is made up of persons who are quite knowledgeable in the science and study of medicine. It is the attributes that can't be taught that make our nurses so incredible at what they do. There is no book to teach kindness. There is no book to teach compassion. There is no book that teaches composure and confidence. These are all inherit attributes of the individual that is called to a much higher profession than most.

Every year one of the highlights for me personally is when I get the chance to shake so many hands and share so many hugs at 97.3 The Dawg's annual Nurses Banquet.  It is one of the most inspiring nights of the year.

From our entire staff here at 97.3 The Dawg and a grateful community in Acadiana we salute you today. Thank you for being at your best when we are at our worst.