The calendar may say October 29th but in Lake Arthur tonight might look more like October 31st. City officials in Lake Arthur have made a preemptive strike in the battle against Mother Nature and the flu. They have moved the town's official Trick or Treat times from Thursday to tonight.

The reason for the change is actually quite easy to understand. The forecast for Halloween day is calling for a lot of rain and then conditions turn quite cold. For Halloween night there is no guarantee that the rain will be over but there is a pretty solid case that can be made for staying inside anyway.

Forecasters say a cold front pushing through the area will have temperatures across Acadiana in the lower 50-degree range. Those cool temperatures will be bolstered by a rather gusty wind from the north at 10 to 20 mph. This will make for a very brisk walk around town to gather candy.

Therefore the city officials have opted on the side of good judgment over tradition. Trick or treating will be held tonight in Lake Arthur from 6 pm until 8 pm. You can thank them Thursday night as you sit inside your warm home enjoying your treats knowing that other ghosts and goblins are braving the elements in search of that one house that still hands out the full-sized candy bars.


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