Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center are giving an area of disturbed weather just east of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula even less of a chance to become a tropical cyclone.

The latest prognostication from the Hurricane Center gives the system very little chance for strengthening over the next two days and only a 20% chance of spinning up into something other than showers, squally thunderstorms, and gusty breezes over the next five days.

Still, with water temperatures as warm as they are in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico any storm system with even a hint of rotation is going to be monitored closely. The forecast track from the Hurricane Center still takes the system northwest from its current position across the Yucatan and into the Bay of Campeche by Sunday.

Most of the tropical forecast models then call for the system to slide into northern Mexico or extreme south Texas early next week. As far as effects for Acadiana go, we can anticipate a better than average threat of showers or thunderstorms over the weekend and early next week as moisture from this system slides into and across the area.

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