Predicting what will or what won't develop into a tropical cyclone is a pretty tough job. Even with all of the modern satellites and high-tech weather equipment determining what will or won't spin up from an area of thunderstorms is still a bit of mystery to forecasters with the National  Hurricane Center. 

Such is the case of a tropical wave that is expected to push westward off the African coast and into the warm waters of the tropical Atlantic later today. Forecasters believe this area of convection could begin to spin around a low pressure near the Cape Verde Islands. 

If that happens this tropical wave could strengthen into a tropical cyclone by the middle of next week. Forecasters with the Hurricane Center are currently giving the system a 30% probability of doing just that over the next five days.

Elsewhere across the Atlantic Basin and the Gulf of Mexico, the prognosis for tropical systems indicates a quiet week. However, that can change quickly this time of year. We are approaching the annual peak of the Hurricane Season in less than two weeks so forecasters will remain vigilant.

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