The heat and humidity of South Louisiana's extended summer were finally broken over the weekend with the passage of a cold front. That front is expected to kick off more showers in the area today as it drifts back to the north as a warm front. Still, with all the talk of cooler weather and light jackets, the tropical season is not quite over.

The National Hurricane Center is currently monitoring one named system in the north Atlantic and three other systems that show potential for development. One of those systems is in the western Caribbean Sea. Forecasters believe that the system will move northwestward over the next several days and eventually wind up in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico.

As of now, forecasters with the Hurricane Center don't give the system too much of a chance to strengthen. They only give it a 20% probability of becoming a tropical cyclone over the next five days.

Meanwhile, another area of concern is being monitored just east of the Leeward Islands. This system, like the one that's expected to move into the Gulf, is not given much of a chance to strengthen.

Forecasters do believe a tropical wave just off the coast of Africa will become a tropical cyclone in the next day or so. This system has been given a 70% probability to strengthen over the next five days.

The good news is that none of these systems are expected to impact the United States, at least based on data from current forecast models.


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