Judging by what you hear on radio, see on TV, and see in the yards and on the sides of major roadways you'd think there would be a lot of interest in this Saturday's election. I would say locally there probably is.

I believe more people are concerned about Sheriff races, council seats, the BESE Board, and a host of other local issues. However, the race for Governor doesn't appear to be that important to many Louisiana voters.

According to one well known political observer, Bernie Pinsonat, it all has to do with the complete lack of faith and total distrust of the current Governor Bobby Jindal.

I think they’re disgusted with state government, disgusted with the lack of progress and whoever is the next governor has to prove to them that they can fix something.

Pinsonat made that comment to the Louisiana Radio Network who also reported that recent survey from LSU's Public Policy Research Lab found that only 39% of voters had any interest in this years race for the state's top job.  70% of voters give current Governor Bobby Jindal a 70% disapproval rating and that voter disgust has turned to apathy for those seeking to replace Jindal.

So, it’s very tough with the Jindal backdrop to convince people that ‘hey, I’m different, I’m really going to make a difference. It’s just a tough sell right now.

Regardless of how disgusted we are with the whole backdrop of state positions on the line we still have to do our civic duty and support the candidates that we think best support our vision for our state and our communities. Election day is this Saturday October 24th.