At this time last year, Americans were facing a very real crisis when it came to shopping. Even getting the basic essentials was difficult, and stores were either closed completely or had drastically reduced hours for customers all due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But starting Saturday, June 5th, Walmart stores across America will be extending their hours for the first time since November 2020. The big-box retailer will be opening an hour earlier, at 6:00 AM, and most pharmacies and vision centers within the stores will be going back to regular, pre COVID hours starting on July 3. However, Walmart officials tell USA Today that they will be keeping their weekly senior hours on Tuesdays for those who are still vulnerable to COVID-19.

Executive vice president and chief operating officer for Walmart U.S. Dacona Smith tells USA Today "With the number of fully vaccinated Americans growing higher every day, we believe we can adjust hours once again." In May the nation's biggest retailer dropped their mandatory mask policy for fully vaccinated customers and employees after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued updated guidelines. Masks are still required where state or local policies are still in effect.

Walmart had originally reduced hours in March 2020 due to the pandemic, and has since increased them at least three times to adjust to the ongoing health situation. They also recently removed their 20% capacity restrictions in stores.



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