I was sitting out on the patio yesterday staring off into space or working as I like to call it when I noticed something in my field of vision. No, it wasn't the normal cloud of gnats or occasional bird that passes by my patio. This thing or things looked like something you'd see in a microscope. They were squiggly and floaty and they were moving across my view and my head was completely still.

I consulted WebMD. These things could kill me. Nah, not really but they could be a sign that something is going on with your eyesight. Eye floaters, the technical name for those squiggly things are a common occurrence. We all have them and we will most likely see more of them as we age.

However, if you start to notice a lot of them and it starts to truly affect your vision that's when you really need to consult a professional. They could be an indicator of a more serious eye issue that could ultimately harm your sight.

But not to worry if you only see a few squiggly lines or specks of something in your field of vision. For most of us, eye floaters are just a little nuisance and can actually be quite entertaining if you're really bored and you've already binge watched all the hot new shows on Netflix.

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