Is kissing becoming a lost art? The gentle nuzzle of two lips caressing two other lips in an intimate dance of connection is more than just a physical sign of affection. Kissing has so many other great benefits besides the way it makes you feel when you have locked lips with the one you love.

According to a report recently published in Science Daily the act of kissing is an important factor in helping us choose  our desired mate. The study also found that women place more value on kissing than men do. The supposition for that theory evolves from the idea that because women have more a physical investment in the reproductive process then they are more in tune with biological signals that kissing sends through out the body.

The act of kissing is also seen as a sign of strength in a relationship. The desire to show affection gives the signal that the relationship is going to be long lasting. This is another cue that is picked up on by the female of the species. Because the ultimate biological goal of  the relationship is reproduction, the more strong and stable the relationship is the more secure the female feels.

I suggest you do some experimenting this weekend. Find somebody you love and give them a kiss. If it feels right then do it twice. What happens after that depends on whether or not you happen to be at home in private or in the aisles of the Home Depot. Remember if you are Home Depot we will be hearing about you on the news so wait until you get home.