We surprised you with a chance to win a spot on our guest list for a private show with Aaron Lewis. We've picked the 40 winners who get to bring a guest to The Grouse Room in Lafayette on Tuesday night.

Congrats to all 40 of our winners, and thank you to everyone who entered.

If you are one the lucky winners, don't forget to bring an item to donate to the Salvation Army to help Louisiana flood victims. You can see the list of items that are needed HERE.

This is not open to the public. Only the winners will be able to attend.

Here is the complete list of winners. (We'll also be emailing all the winners with information regarding the show.)

1) Stephanie Martinez

2) Michael Guidry

3) Kristen Olivier

4) Patricia Labit

5) Amanda West

6) Daisy Miller

7) Brett Thibodeaux

8) Claire Broussard

9) Candy Watkins

10) Neil Carret

11) Kristi Herring

12) Brennen Albert

13) David Hamlett

14) Triscia Touchet

15) Ashley Young

16) Randi Boggs

17) Heather LeJune

18) Angelle Vidrine

19) Ronald Guidry

20) Jeff Hebert

21) Troy Lambert

22) Brian Prince

23) Cheri Ribardi

24) Amanda Trahan

25) Lindsey Broussard

26) Corri Guidry

27) Carl Leger

28) Linda Glasscock

29) Megan Broussard

30) Victoria Betrand

31) Beau Broussard

32) Brad Bourgeois

33) Jodi Suire

34) Porter Voorhies

35) Kelly Seaux

36) Kristy Thibodeaux

37) Monty Bergeron

38) Amanda Mouto

39) Heather Mire

40) Meagan Meaux

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