This is pretty neat.

Local business owner Craig Spadoni posted a video from Youngsville, La and it shows work crews using a remote control lawnmower to maintain the grass near a ditch.

A man is seen holding and operating the remote control as the mower cuts grass in and around the ditch.

I'll be honest, I've never seen one of these, but now I am intrigued. Christmas present to self?

The mover is able to navigate through places that it otherwise may not be able to get to without the weight of a person on it.

Craig Spadoni FB

And as you will see in the video below, the mower seems to work just fine and the cut is on point.

I don't know if any other city or town is using one of these. but if not, I have a feeling we will see more videos of mowers like this in the future.


Personally, I'd love to have one myself for when it comes time to mow the lawn during the summer months here in south Louisiana.

Imagine being able to cut your grass while sitting on your patio while under a fan or from the comfort of your home while looking out a window.



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