It's been a busy year, and with the end of the year at hand, it's time to take a look back at the stories that you checked out on over the past 12 months.

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    Cajun Smurf Appears On Youtube

    Here in South Louisiana we have had our share of You Tube favorites. There is Poo Poo Broussard, Cajun OnStar and Cooyon Duhon just to name a few. Now we can add another name to the list. Cajun Smurf, he’s little he’s blue and he sounds like me and you! Here are some of my favorite Cajun Smurf moments.

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    UL Students Let Off Pre-Finals Steam In Library

    Finals can be a time of the semester that seems like it will never end! Probably the hardest week of a college student’s semester. It sure is good to have people who understand that stress, and they put on many events to keep college students going!

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    FBI Says 'The Truth Is Out There' Regarding UFO's

    You don’t have to be a fan of “The X Files” to be fascinated by this story. Anyone who has ever visited or read about Area 51 near Roswell, NM should be interested in this….The Truth Is Out There……

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    LSU/Alabama Game Gets Theme Song

    Our friend from the Baton Rouge neck of the woods, David St. Romain, sent us a copy of a new song he whipped up just in time for this weekend’s big showdown between LSU and Alabama.

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    Top 5 Cajun Words/Phrases

    Jude was watching Swamp People on Sunday night and he heard Troy Landry utter the word “boudé” and it made me chuckle.He started thinking about all the Cajun words and phrases that he hears that are funny to hear. We asked you and here are the 5 that he got the most. Hope you enjoy them mes amis!

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    Acadiana's American Idol Jaycee Badeaux Performs With Rascal Flatts

    On a night that his mother described as “dreaming while you’re awake” Acadiana’s own Jacee Badeaux took to the stage at the New Orleans Arena to sing with his personal musical idols Rascal Flatts. We apologize for the video being “a little bright” but the spotlights created quite a glare. Regardless, the audio is wonderful and the moment even more magical.

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    Jerry Lewis Hosting Duties On MDA Telethon Questioned

    Beloved entertainer, comedian, and MDA advocate Jerry Lewis has seen his last day as Chairman of the Board for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. He also will not appear at the 2011 Telethon on Sept 4th.

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    Bocephus And His Rowdy Friends Aren't Here On Monday Night Anymore

    Hank Williams, Jr. no longer has the theme song to Monday Night Football due to some comments regarding Obama. Most people thought this is where the fun would end. Not so much. Hank just released a new song in response to the whole situation. It’s called “Keep the Change”.

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    The Dawg CMA Commercial Featuring A Reba You've Never Seen Before

    In case you missed it on the 2011 CMA Awards broadcast, and by popular demand, here’s the commercial that has everyone talking. It was so nice of Ms. Reba to take some time out of her busy schedule to do this for us!

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    Survivors Found After Offshore Accident

    Battling through tropical storm conditions in the Bay of Campeche rescuers located a lifeboat from the Trinity II. Inside the lifeboat capsule they found 7 of the rig workers alive, two had perished and the 10th was still missing. South Louisiana residents Jeremy Parfait and Ted Derise were listed among the survivors.